Dance and Technology

The concepts of Dance and digital technology, inherent in the digital technology and contemporary dance, are contributing to a new perform and aesthetic. The role of digital technology in dance creation has cast dance movements into data thus into a kind of cultural object itself in certain contexts. This condition, encouraged by the large quantity and social dimension of digital technology, suggests that a rethinking/transformation of contemporary dance arts based on process are taking place. Dancers and choreographers are becoming involved in alternative contexts in which dance movements are one of several instantaneous and expressive components constituting a cultural experience. With the environment saturated with dance, it appears that the creative design of dance processes might become an art in itself.


Dance & Technology
Shita CV
Andrea Hördur 2006
Pefrormative dance and text as collage
Brynhildur CV (pdf)
Hördur CV (pdf)
Skulpture gallery
Best view: 1280X1024
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