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Dance and virtual media

We would like to focus on and explore the performing body as significance within dance in addition to digital technology. We would also like to inspect a dance performance. And by doing so, not only expose the ways in which the body is subject to the operation of the ideological and social forces which constrain it, but also functions to resist that authority with the help of digital technology. Each medium reveals and communicates a unique aspect of reality. Each provides a different perspective of seeing and otherwise hidden dimension of reality. Taken together we believe that they give us a more complete picture of reality.

As well as being a visual sign, the performing body is an active phenomenon, that produces energy and movements which expresses nostalgia and subjectivity, testing the circumscription of linguistic communication and opening up the field of meaning. In addition to reflecting existing cultural coding of the body, in performance, the moving body is concerned with the terms by which identities are recognized and expressed.

Performance spaces are fixed places where there exists a freedom to break the boundaries of the disciplined, regulated body assigned by convention, and movements related to performance, enable the body to be masked and influenced to express a large quantity of possible characteristics. A dancer's sensorial structure is one of a key instrument of her/his second to second experience while performing and this is one of the main elements of that which is perceived or looked at. This of course varies greatly from dancer to dancer. This is an energetic process and often simultaneously stimulated by the space inside/ outside the body, as well as the state of being watched. Thinking/ imaging processes; in addition to attention techniques are naturally involved.

Dance performance is multifaceted. It has mass, speed, path, height and depth, scale et cetera. The dancer takes action in response not to one, but to a mixture of two or more of these above mentioned features. The dancer not only demonstrates but also adapts visual, sonic or moving images in a mixture of fractions of the space he/she is performing in. This as well is a space in which the spectator becomes part of the environment, the performing act; the effort is intended to include the viewer into the artistic vision. (Heidegger 1971).


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