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We think that digital technology can, in this case, open out a way of looking at dance and movement in a way that would in the long run be stimulating and vitalizing to the dance field. We believe that Computer choreographed dance and its technological possibilities can be an extension to our exploration of movement as a process, rather than as a fixed goal. References in dance can be mirrored by references seen in digital technology, and in other art forms such as literature.

Working with digitally choreographed movements related to dance suggests possibilities of working with time and space that we have never thought of before. Our experimentation with images and graphics can develop and expand the notion of visual thinking by relying mostly on the exchange and manipulation of visual materials as a means of communication in a digital surrounding in addition to life performance dance.

We think it’s of great importance to bear in mind that one must try to be aware of the cultural dimensions of new forms of communication as they emerge in innovative art works which will not be experienced or enjoyed as unidirectional messages. The complexity of the contemporary social scene filtered through by electronic media, where the change of information becomes the very fabric of reality, calls for a second look of traditional aesthetics and opens the field for new developments. (Barnett. 1953).


Red dancer-Movie (650 Kb)

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