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Judged Exhibitions

1994 Art Museum of Östergötland, Linköping, Sweden
1996 Art Museum of Östergötland, Linköping, Sweden
1990 Ministry of Culture, Linköping, Sweden
1991 Ministry of Culture, Linköping, Sweden.
1992 HSB Constructions Company Linköping, Sweden
1993 HSB Constructions Company Linköping, Sweden
1996 Sundbaum Constructions & Environments Company
Linköping, Sweden
1997 Sundbaum Constructions & Environments, Linköping Sweden
2002 Seven horses in Elementary schools in Östergötland, Sweden


1986 Swedish Art fond.
1993 Swedish Art fond
1993 Swedish Art fond
1994 The Culture Scholarship of Linköping
1994 The Culture Scholarship of Linköping.
1995 Swedish Art fond
1997 Swedish Art fond and IASPIS (International Artists studio Program in Sweden)


Gothenburg’s Community
Stockholm’s Community
Linköping’s Community
Norrköping’s Community
Reykjavik Island.

Art and truth we wonder. A lady, we are told, cannot be a shining example of virtue at one time and as black as hell at another; therefore a person who says she is must be making it up. He/she cannot be telling the truth; he/she must be dealing with appearances and not realities; emotions and not the whole story. It is hardly worth while to disprove this argument, by pointing out that truthfulness about one's emotions is still truthfulness. A poet who is disgusted with life to?day, and says so, is not saying that he undertakes to be still disgusted to?morrow. And on the poet's behalf it may be replied, to some one who argues that a lady cannot be both wonderfully honorable and disgustingly nasty, or that the world cannot be both a paradise and a dust?heap, that the arguer seems to know more about logic than he docs about ladies, or about the world..
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