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1978-1982 Hamrahlíð College, Reykjavik Iceland.
1982-1988 Private student in sculpture.
1983-1997 B.Sc in Food Science, University of Iceland.
1994-1995 Profile learning and computing, Lexikon, Linköping
1998-1999 Distance learning – Introduction to Computer technology, UKD Sweden
1999-2000 Multimedia producent, Kvalitetsdata, UKD Sweden.
2000-2002 Computer science & Multimedia technology, Växjö University
Works and Projects
1986 Project leader in Icelandic Fish analytic’s Institution
1987 Laboratorial assistant in Icelandic Fisheries Laboratories
1987-1990 Project leader, nutritionist at University hospital in Iceland.
1985-1990 Project leader, nutritionist and bodybuilder instructor in The Physical Center of Reykjavík, Iceland.
1990 Art Project with Children in elementary school Linköping community, Sweden.
1994-1995 Written educational material in advanced cement technique.
1994 Project leader, choreograph in body art performance “TATTVA” stage fighting. LK Arbetsmarknad, Sweden
1994 Teacher in Gotland Art School in concrete technique, practical and theoretical teaching
1994 Project leader and director of advanced concrete technique. Course for Artists Länsarbetsnämnden, Örebro Sweden.
1995 Project leader and director of advanced concrete technique. Course for Artists
1996 Länsarbetsnämnden, Linköping Sweden.
1996 Teacher in Öland’s Art School in practical and theoretical concrete technique.
1990-2003 Artist/dancer//sculpture/Graphic designer/different artistic work in SHITA, Sweden
See Shita CV
1998-2000 Teacher in sculpture. The Art College Folkuniversitetet Linköping, Sweden
2000-2003 Work as Graphic designer with advertisements for different magazines, web design, company profile logotypes
and other design work


The Body and the Machine. The body is both sacred (made in the image of god) and disrespectful, for it suffers from all the ills and perturbations of the flesh; the machine is both the product of human inventiveness and the emblem of soullessness. Like nature and cul-ture, the body and the machine have traditionally been opposed
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